Weather Show

The AccuWeather Network has introduced a new live two-hour show, AccuWeather Prime, with senior television weather broadcaster and American Meteorological Society certified broadcast meteorologist Adam Del Rosso as host, bringing an exciting, fresh approach to weather news reporting. Designed for viewers who want to be in the know, AccuWeather Prime can be seen every weeknight from 8:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. EST.

AccuWeather Prime offers a unique visual experience assembled by a team of skilled reporters, whose stories are designed to enable their audiences to see, hear, and feel the weather. Coverage is steeped in a foundation of expertise with insights from AccuWeather weather experts, adding an unrivaled layer of insight in content for viewers. In addition to weather news and interviews, AccuWeather Prime includes exclusive new features that will provide practical weather-wise solutions on how people can live their best lives, whether they are traveling around the world or as staying as close as their backyard. AccuWeather Prime will also deliver stories from AccuWeather’s established, themed content series, Living Well and AccuWeather Explores, to keep viewers entertained, informed, and engaged.