Keeping Dry

Advanced Hybrid Underlayment Used in Hillsboro, Oregon

by Marcus Dodson, Publisher

The Orenco Gardens is an expansive and varied living community located in Hillsboro, Oregon. With over 350 units of different types, such as condominiums and townhomes, the Orenco Gardens area is a beautiful and peaceful area to live.

This peace was unfortunately interrupted when the roofs on several buildings stared experiencing leaks. After being called in for multiple repair jobs, the Orenco Gardens Homeowners Association finally asked Aylwin Construction to help them do a full reroof. The final reroofing project ended up being across 28 different buildings and 1500 squares.

Aylwin Construction, a family-owned business that focuses on roofing, gutter, and exterior construction, installs between 8,000 and 10,000 squares of pitched roofing per year. As an expert in the field, Aylwin Construction relies on only the best roofing products available, and when it comes to underlayment, SafeguardECO® is the only choice.


“SafeguardECO is a new product that offers superior performance and ease of install, providing 4.5 squares of coverage and weighing only 30 pounds per roll,” said Rodrigo Jimenez Tapia, Supervisor at Aylwin Construction. “Our roofing crews love that it is a lightweight product and doesn’t shrink, wrinkle, or bubble. The underlayment is one of the most important components in any roofing project, we are able to dry roofs in and leave the job site with confidence that the buildings were protected whenever the rain came through.”

While the project was started in the summer of 2023, it was only recently completed in January of 2024 due to the size of the project. As a result, the project had to be completed in the winter weather conditions of Oregon. Rain, snow, and wind were all safety concerns during the course of the project.

“Being in rainy Oregon, our crews need to be able to rely on the underlayment to ensure a watertight barrier,” said Tapia. “Not only does SafeguardECO provide this, but roofers can be confident walking on it in wet or windy conditions without worry. The durability of SafeguardECO allows it to hold fasteners better and provide better tear strength and puncture resistance than many other products on the market.”

Additionally, the project did its utmost to be environmentally friendly. Aylwin Construction used Malarkey® Roofing Products Legacy Scotchgard Shingles. Legacy shingles are produced with NEX® Polymer modified which incorporates upcycled polymers to create higher performing shingle with greater granule retention and a Class IV impact rating. By installing Malarkey’s Legacy shingles, approximately 360 rubber tires and 240,000 were diverted from a landfill, and the approximate equivalent of 120 trees being planted to clean the air. Malarkey products were chosen because they were the most environmentally friendly and local shingle manufacturer. SafeguardECO is also produced in an environmentally friendly process, which results in no pollution, making it the most eco-friendly underlayment on the market.

The renovation also included redoing the gutters of the buildings in hopes that the full reroof and new gutters will help preserve the peace of the Orenco Gardens residents. A project with the scale and importance of Orenco Gardens could only rely on a lightweight, reliable, and eco-friendly product like SafeguardECO to keep the buildings safe, secure, and dry.