Single-Ply Membrane

Viking® Products Group, a provider of cutting-edge roofing solutions to distributors, contractors, and building owners, has announced the addition of a new line of single-ply membranes. Stronghold is a new family of thermoplastic single-ply membranes for roof replacements.

The Stronghold family of single-ply membranes presents an entirely new solution set for Viking, products for full roof replacements. Available in polyvinyl chloride and ketone ethylene ester formulations, Stronghold is durable, chemical-resistant, and lightweight.

Stronghold complements and expands Viking’s existing range of repair and restoration products, including GreenSlope® ponding water repair compound, Leadax® Armored Flashing, RepairBoss drains and repair coatings and mastics, and StormBreaker® restoration coatings.

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Viking Products Group is passionate about its mission to bring cutting-edge roofing solutions to the United States market. With more than 25 years in business, Viking Products Group knows the best way to do this is with hard work, grit, and a fearless eye to the future. Viking’s experienced team explores the full spectrum of possibilities when developing total-solution roofing products so contractors are well-equipped for their next project. Viking solutions can be purchased at over 100 trusted and knowledgeable distribution partners nationwide, online, or by contacting Viking’s sales team.