Rooflight Dome

The clever geometry of the brand new LAMILUX Rooflight F100 W is unique on the market and sets new standards for the industrial flat roof. Thanks to the wave-like structure of the Rooflight F100 W, the glazing absorbs loads better and distributes them evenly. This leads to better load transfer and greater stiffness. As a result, the new LAMILUX rooflight dome remains watertight at higher wind speeds and can withstand more wind and snow.

The load-bearing capacity for snow is also increased, depending on the size and rooflight variant. Precisely because weather extremes occur irregularly and suddenly, it is particularly important to protect roofs from the dangers of environmental influences.

The new product from LAMILUX is impressive not only due to its technical advantages but also due to it being even easier to install on the roof. This is because the constructive improvement of the geometry without additional material does not generate any additional weight. Following the tradition of other LAMILUX skylights, the new Rooflight F100 W is also delivered to the construction site completely pre-assembled. There is thus nothing standing in the way of uncomplicated installation for fabricators. Those who want to configure their own individual version of the new rooflight dome can now also find the F100 W rooflight dome in the LAMILUX product configurator.

The LAMILUX Heinrich Strunz Group is one of the leading manufacturers of skylights, including continuous rooflights, glass roofs, flat roof windows, and rooflight domes, in Europe. The visually appealing products ensure efficient use of natural daylight in a wide variety of buildings. In addition, special smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems provide safety in case of fire and are thus essential components of fire protection concepts. Furthermore, the medium-sized family business founded in 1909 is one of the world’s largest producers of carbon and glass fiber reinforced plastics. These special composite materials are used in commercial vehicles and are impressive thanks primarily to their stability; lightweight construction; and impact resistance in roof, wall, and floor cladding and their lightness.