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Homeowner Answers Hailstorm with Steel Roof Upgrade

by Ann Iten, Director of Marketing, Westlake Royal Building Solutions


Nestled on two private acres sits a beautiful home in Fort Collins, Colorado, with breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountain Front Range and the majestic Cobb Lake. Originally built in 2007, the residence offers modern luxury with the feel of a sanctuary. That peace was unfortunately disrupted in late summer 2022, when a severe hailstorm swept through the region.

Common in Colorado, hail can wreak serious damage to homes and roofs and this home was no exception. The storm left the roof, gutters, windows, chimneys, doors, stucco, and paint in a serious state of disrepair. This is when Zick Construction and Roofing was asked to step in. Founded in 2014 by owner Scott Zick, the contractor is based in Fort Collins and, over the past decade, has built a strong reputation in Northern Colorado for quality craftsmanship.

“We are committed to meeting our client’s needs,” says Zick. “In addition to roofing, we provide numerous additional contracting services and, when I first stepped onto this property, I knew we were the right partner to repair this incredible custom home.”

The home’s asphalt shingles had been no match for the hail when it pounded the roof. “Three-inch hail balls had damaged every single asphalt shingle, despite it being a class 4 impact resistant material,” says Zick. “The asphalt shingle roofs of other nearby homes also needed replacement. Notably, stone coated steel roofs in the area had fared much better in the face of the storm.”

Zick knew that, while unfortunate, the hailstorm offered the perfect opportunity to upgrade the roof. He discussed various options with the homeowner, taking into account the home’s aesthetic, the region’s climate, and the likelihood that hail would eventually return. He even drove the homeowner through the area to look at other roofs, which helped them arrive at the ultimate decision.

“It became obvious to us both that the home called for Unified Steel™ Stone Coated Roofing in COTTAGE Shingle in Charcoal,” Zick said. “While the homeowner had never heard of it, he was convinced when he viewed stone coated steel on nearby residences and was educated on its durability. The material boasts a unique offset, multi-grooved design with deep weather side laps and its classic shake look perfectly complements the home’s architecture and natural surroundings. It gives the home an elevated look.”

Benefitting from the structural strength of steel, Unified Steel is a strong yet lightweight material weighing a mere 1.5 pounds per square foot. Offering a Very Severe Hail rating and a 50-year limited warranty, it proved ideal.

Zick Construction sourced the Unified Steel through ABC Supply and began the large-scale repair job in late fall 2023. The team first removed the solar, taking care to safely store it. Next, the asphalt was fully removed before the crew began installing ice and water underlayment in eaves and valleys. Then SwiftGuard® Roof Underlayment, a synthetic option for steep slope applications with a patented nail gasketing technology for superior moisture resistance, was applied everywhere else.

Installation of the Unified Steel took the crew four days. However, the team encountered some challenges. Despite the time of year, none of those turned out to be weather related. “All materials were ground dropped on the driveway,” says Zick. “However, the scale of this home and roof are immense. Our crew of eight had to hand load all panels onto the roof, which was incredibly labor intensive.”

“Unified Steel is becoming increasingly popular in Colorado and homeowners are tired of replacing their roofs,” added Josh Thomas, Territory Manager for Unified Steel and SwiftGuard by Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions™. “They are turning to more durable, resilient options.”

Once the roof was fully complete, Sand Box Solar came in to reinstall the photovoltaic system and Zick Construction completed numerous additional home repairs. “The home looks incredible now and the homeowner couldn’t be happier,” says Zick.