New Distribution Centers

Rust-Oleum, a global leader in manufacturing innovative coatings, expands its distribution capabilities with its center in Riverside, California, fulfilling products specifically tailored for roof restoration projects. This is the latest addition to the network of roofing product distribution centers, which includes the centers in San Antonio, Texas and Lakeland, Florida.

Ahead of peak roofing season, this strategic move aims to enhance service quality and efficiency, minimizing damaged shipments and ensuring swift response times for roofing customers, especially in times of emergencies.

“We’ve built out our capabilities in time to support roofing contractors when they need us most. As we gear up for an incredibly busy period, this is the perfect time to enhance our services for contractors,” said Nathan Owen, Vice President of sales, Rust-Oleum. “Our capacity to meet the growing demands of our customers has never been stronger.”

The expanded capability of the Riverside facility underscores Rust-Oleum’s commitment to meeting customer demands effectively. Understanding the time-sensitive nature of roofing projects, Rust-Oleum prioritizes rapid product delivery, equipping contractors with essential tools when they need them. By providing exceptional products and delivery services, Rust-Oleum reinforces its reputation for operational excellence.

Rust-Oleum’s comprehensive range of restoration coatings, repair solutions, and spray paints cater to residential and commercial rooftop needs, including RVs, campers, barns, sheds, and more. By stocking popular items and optimizing inventory, Rust-Oleum enhances the overall customer experience, ensuring prompt access to essential products.

The Riverside distribution center now carries Rust-Oleum’s complete professional line of roof coatings for restoration projects. This lineup includes Rust-Oleum’s Premium 880 Elastomeric Roof Coating, a rust-preventive, water-based acrylic elastomeric roof coating, conveniently packaged as a single component. Additionally, the center will distribute Rust-Oleum’s Roof Accessory Paint, an aerosol roofing solution that creates a durable, weather-resistant finish that can be applied to stacks, vents, and other roof penetrations.

“We take immense pride in our high-quality products, and it’s our mission to ensure our products are readily accessible to contractors,” said Owen. “Our dedication to reliability and efficiency extends beyond just our products, it’s ingrained in every aspect of our service.”