Education Courses

In collaboration with Clemson University, the Roofing Alliance has unveiled three comprehensive roofing courses tailored to offer a robust education to industry professionals of all backgrounds, experiences, and educational levels. The courses serve as excellent onboarding tools for new hires. These courses cater to a broad spectrum of roles, including office personnel, estimators, project administrators, foremen, and salespeople, ensuring inclusivity across all companies.

Each course is entirely self-paced and conveniently accessible online, allowing participants to customize their learning experience to fit their schedule. Upon enrollment, participants have a 60-day window to complete each course. The curriculum delves deep into various facets of the roofing industry, ensuring participants solidify their expertise.

Upon successful completion of each course, which includes a final examination, participants earn a Certificate of Completion. This distinguished certificate is jointly conferred by The Nieri Department of Construction, Development, and Planning at Clemson University and the Roofing Alliance, the philanthropic and educational arm of National Roofing Contractors Association, a testament to the high caliber of their achievements. Completing all three courses earns participants the esteemed Roofing Professional Management Certificate, showcasing their comprehensive mastery of the roofing domain.

Roofing professionals are encouraged to enroll in any or all three certificate courses:

Course #1: Roofing Fundamentals

The first course, Roofing Fundamentals, is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding and study of essential elements that are critical to professional roof construction. The key topics covered in this first course include the different types of roofing systems and their assembly, reading roofing blueprints, reading roofing specifications, roofing estimating, roofing safety, roof repair, and maintenance and technology.

Course #2: Roofing Management

The second course, Roofing Management, builds upon the foundational knowledge from the first course and covers concepts at a deeper level within the management aspects of the roofing industry, such as building codes, sustainability, risk management, quality control and quality assurance, field crew management, roof scheduling, site logistics, and roofing equipment.

Course #3: Roofing Business Principles and Leadership

The third course, Roofing Business Principles and Leadership, covers concepts related to being an entrepreneur in the roofing industry such as leadership and organizational culture, negotiation, starting a roofing business, sustaining a roofing business, procurement and resource sourcing, sales and marketing, and innovation in the roofing industry.

Members of the National Roofing Contractors Association receive a $100 discount on each course, while Roofing Alliance Members receive a $300 discount. Special bulk pricing discounts to maximize value for companies are also available.