Henry® has introduced its Blueskin PreSeal® 435, a pre-applied, fully, and permanently bonded composite sheet membrane for commercial foundation waterproofing applications. The membrane contains an adhesive and provides for mechanical attachment into wet concrete to form a permanent barrier seal. Blueskin PreSeal 435 consists of a polypropylene membrane laminated to a chemically enhanced non-woven geotextile fleece with a dimpled surface. Blueskin PreSeal 435 is pre-applied prior to rebar installation and concrete placement.


Features and benefits include: proprietary dual bond technology provides full mechanical and adhesive bond to the concrete; fully adheres to substrates eliminating water migration; easy installation with self-adhering laps and splices, with no tools or torches required; wider roll width results in fewer seams, reducing risk of water ingress; better cold weather flexibility than polyethylene based membranes; barrier to water-vapor and radon gas permeation; and high chemical resistance. Sizes available include 3.3’ x 65.6’ and 6.6’ x 65.6’ in the color white.