Tether System

Guardian® is pleased to introduce the latest addition to its patented Quick-Switch® hands-free tool tether system family, the Quick-Switch Tool Transfer Station. The Quick-Switch Tool Transfer Station is a highly portable and easily installed storage solution that features five permanently attached Quick-Switch Docks and two D-ring connection points for storing multiple tools securely. Quick-Switch Docks offer 100% tool connection during tool transfer to eliminate the possibility of dropped tools.

Constructed from durable ballistic nylon for extended service life, the Quick-Switch Tool Transfer Station attaches securely to a variety of structures, using extra-strength hook and loop material. The deep front pocket keeps tools contained and ready for use between multiple users.

The product excels in any work area where a falling tool could cause an injury, such as scaffolding, ladders, lifts, etc., by allowing users to easily switch tools at height without risk of drops. When not in use, simply fold the Quick-Switch Tool Transfer Station in half to securely store or transport tools to the next jobsite.

Guardian is an independent fall protection and prevention partner. With design, manufacturing, height safety training, and engineered system experts across North America and the United Kingdom, it serves partners around the globe with a 360º height safety offer.