Property restoration is chaotic enough. Never mind the hassle of using multiple platforms to keep track of progress. That’s why RocketPlan is launching a time tracking and accounting integration system, so contractors and insurers can restore confidence in their own restoration and claims process.

Joe Tolzmann, CEO, came up with the idea for RocketPlan after working in the field during restoration projects. He realized that teams were inefficiently using multiple platforms to capture data. That data had to make it back to the office, so companies could start reporting, estimating, and billing. Delayed data meant delayed payments. It takes an average of just 14 minutes to get familiar with RocketPlan’s platform. Users see the immediate value of cutting out manual data upload.

RocketPlan’s platform includes RocketDry for moisture logging and equipment tracking, as well as RocketScan to directly capture and upload photos. The company is the preferred partner of FLIR ONE Pro, an infrared device with direct integration into RocketPlan for efficient scanning, inspections, and automated reporting, helping find invisible problems faster.

RocketPlan is a leading property restoration management software company. The platform is built to connect field teams with office staff, enabling both sides to capture and access project data in real time. RocketPlan is an all-in-one solution for restoration project tracking, reporting, estimating, and billing. It eliminates the need to enter data into multiple platforms. RocketPlan is based in Palo Alto, California, and Vancouver, British Columbia.