Slate Tile

DaVinci® Roofscapes, a division of Westlake Royal Building Products™, has introduced a new single-width composite slate roofing tile. Province™ Slate, a 12” wide tile with a fixed 8” exposure evokes a historical nature with authentic natural slate appeal. Modeled after actual slate, the tiles have a natural, non-repeating beauty that complements a variety of home styles. The Class A fire-rated and Class 4 impact-rated tile can also be used on commercial projects. The durable slate tiles resist severe weather, high winds, insects, algae, and fungus growth.

Manufactured in Kansas, Province Slate comes with a single, fixed 8” exposure. Each tile has rear side nail marking templates, an enhanced backside rib structure, and self-aligning edges for ease and speed of installation. The new Province Slate tiles are available in six of the most popular colors requested by DaVinci customers: slate gray, slate black, smokey gray, castle gray, European, and brownstone.