Tool Review: Built to Perform

Metabo HPT 1-3/4” Coil Roofing Nailer

by Ali Turner, editorial & multimedia manager


When it comes to asphalt shingle installation, a coil roofing nailer is a must. They have a high capacity for nail heads, as well as a variety of nail choices for different types of jobs. Choosing a coil roofing nailer means users can go longer without having to refill, which means less time traveling on and off the roof.

Our team was given the opportunity to test out the Metabo HPT 1-3/4” Coil Roofing Nailer on a few squares of asphalt shingles, as well as some insulation boards. The ergonomic design of the coil roofing nailer made the job supremely comfortable for our team. Additionally, an innovative side-loading magazine made replenishing the nailer convenient and easy. Our team was able to complete the job with precision, thanks in large part to the tool-less depth of the drive adjustment, among other features. The nails came out smooth every time, meaning our testers didn’t have to stop to adjust or remove any jammed nails.

The coil roofing nailer has a pneumatic power feed, and a quick driving system allows for maximum efficiency. Further enhancing its convenience, rubber pads keep the nailer from sliding off the roof when not in use. Plus, a carbide-tipped push lever reduces wear on the coil roofing nailer. The nailer accepts 16º wire coil nails from 7/8” to 1-3/4”, as well as 15º wire coil roofing nails.

No matter if your job is big or small, the Metabo HPT 1-3/4” Coil Roofing Nailer will help you accomplish the task in lightning speed with zero deficiencies. Its amazing durability and lightweight design, at only 5.5 lbs., allow roofing professionals to complete jobs of any size without experiencing fatigue. Less fatigue on the job also equates to fewer instances of stress-induced injuries. In fact, one of our staff members immediately commented on the balanced weight when they picked up the tool.

Metabo offers an impressive five-year professional tool warranty on this coil roofing nailer. The Metabo HPT 1-3/4” Coil Roofing Nailer is well-constructed, fast, reliable, and allowed our team to install asphalt shingles and insulation boards without having to stop to reload. We also didn’t experience any issues with jams or misfires, which can sometimes happen with coil roofing nailers.

This coil roofing nailer is an ideal option for a fast-paced working environment that can’t spare the time to reload nails or deal with misfires and jams. As you prepare your toolkit for the upcoming season, evaluate if you think a new coil roofing nailer would be a good addition. If so, we know just the product that will save you time and energy on the roof.