Weather Barrier System

Georgia-Pacific, a commercial and residential building products manufacturer committed to developing the highest-quality products while leading with a tireless commitment to innovation, has announced that ForceField® Weather Barrier System is now approved for sloped roof application uses.

ForceField Weather Barrier System is an integrated weather-resistive barrier sheathing system for sloped roofs and walls that helps to reduce weather-related challenges and delays, simplifies construction, and helps to dry in multifamily and residential structures faster compared to traditional systems. The ForceField Weather Barrier System is comprised of the integrated weather-resistive barrier sheathing panels and compatible wall and roof tape accessories. The products work together to deliver a seamless build.

The ForceField Weather Barrier System meets the water-resistive barrier, air-barrier, and roof covering requirements of the International Building Code®, International Residential Code®, and the International Energy Conservation Code®. With a greater than 90% drainage efficiency, ForceField Weather Barrier System meets Exposure 1-OSB suitable for uses not permanently exposed to the weather.

The ForceField Weather Barrier System is available in panel sizes 4’x8’, 4’x9’, and 4’x10’, with the Seam Tape available in 3”x180’ rolls, the Seam Tape Plus in 3.5”x90’ rolls, and the Premium Tape for sloped roof applications. Additional options include Flex Flashing and Corner Seal. ForceField Weather Barrier System comes with a ten-year limited transferrable warranty.