Performance Shingles

As weather patterns continue to change, the frequency of high winds and hailstorms is on the rise, and homeowners are paying attention to these storm threats more than ever before. Likewise, it should come as no surprise that building product manufacturers are also paying attention to the potential damage that severe weather conditions may inflict. In the world of roofing, and specifically asphalt shingles, manufacturers like IKO® are developing robust products, such as the Nordic line of performance laminate asphalt shingles, to address some of the most challenging conditions that a building may face.

Armed with a layer of polymer-modified asphalt designed to withstand potential damage from hail, IKO’s Nordic line also features ArmourZone® reinforced nailing surface and FastLock® sealant strips to resist high winds. Also, their ultraviolet-resistant granules ensure that the roof can stand up in any weather conditions, no matter the season. IKO’s ArmourZone nailing area and FastLock sealant are engineered to help Nordic shingles resist the force of 130-mph winds, reducing the risk of shingles getting damaged or blown off when high-winded storms strike.

The reinforced nailing area consists of a tear-resistant woven band on the underside of the shingle. It is marked on the top side of each shingle with lines to help installers put nails where they are most effective. Nails properly applied on or between the lines are less susceptible to the pull-through that some other shingles may experience when extreme force is applied. Shingles that have been high-nailed above a manufacturer’s designated nail line are especially susceptible to blow-off from nail pull-through. Unfortunately, this issue often only becomes evident after a storm hits. A wide target along the nailing line, like ArmourZone, helps with nail placement and reduces the risk of improper installation.

While shingle blow-off is one of the more common concerns during wild weather, it is not the only threat that a roof system may be exposed to over its life span. As seasons change, the exposed section of the shingle will face UV rays, rain, snow and whatever else Mother Nature can muster up. One of the more potentially damaging weather conditions shingles may face is hail. The coating of polymer-modified asphalt on IKO’s Nordic line of performance shingles acts as a shock absorber to cushion the roof from impacts from projectiles like hail.

A roof is the first line of defense against the fury that nature can display when weather turns foul. The time to prepare a home is before a storm gets brewing, and roofing product manufacturers, like IKO, have shingles and accessories designed to help. Products like IKO’s Nordic line of performance laminate shingles, which offer a Class 4 Impact Resistance Rating and reinforced ArmourZone nailing strip, are engineered to stand up to some of the fiercest weather that a home can experience.