Loyalty Program

TAMKO® Building Products LLC has officially launched its new contractor loyalty program, The TAMKO Edge™, featuring multiple contractor tiers and a state-of-the-art digital portal, where contractors can register enhanced warranties, manage their rewards submissions, and access digital marketing tools and vendor discounts.

The new program and digital portal are designed to provide loyal roofing contractors with an enhanced customer experience. Certified contractors can also access more rewards than ever, and offer the most unique extended warranties in the industry, including options for both shingle-only enhanced warranties and an optional system warranty upgrade, all offered on a variety of eligible TAMKO products, including the popular Titan XT™ and StormFighter IR™ shingles just launched as part of the new Heritage Proline™ series of premium architectural shingles.

With multiple enrollment options to fit every business, The TAMKO Edge program incorporates a Team TAMKO tier for non-certified contractors, and TAMKO Pro or TAMKO MasterCraft Pro tiers for qualifying certified contractors. Contractors will enjoy the added benefit of no annual membership fees for any of the three tiers in The TAMKO Edge program. The TAMKO Edge program also features one-of-a-kind enhanced warranties on qualifying shingles with the same enhanced coverage for multifamily and non-residential installations as offered on single-family installations, and the innovative roof system warranty upgrade for no additional fees when three eligible TAMKO accessory categories are used.

Members of The TAMKO Edge program will access their program benefits through a new digital portal that will include functionality for submitting, managing, and tracking TAMKO rewards, registering enhanced warranties, ordering marketing materials, and utilizing measurement and visualization tools. The new portal can provide contractors with real-time business analytics of their usage of TAMKO products so contractors can make the data-driven decisions that grow their businesses.