Bosch Power Tools, a global provider of power tools and power tool accessories, has announced availability of its new CORE18V™ 12.0 Ah PROFACTOR™ Exclusive battery, engineered exclusively for Bosch’s recently launched high-powered, PROFACTOR™ cordless tool lineup.

The CORE18V 12.0 Ah battery is a new addition to Bosch’s flagship CORE18V battery platform. Due to its size and weight, the battery is designed to exclusively mount on PROFACTOR tools in North America. The PROFACTOR tool and 12.0 Ah battery pairing is ideal for extended runtime applications such as heavy-duty concrete drilling, long-run chipping, surface grinding, and more. The 12.0 Ah battery is compatible only with 18V PROFACTOR tools equipped with BITURBO Brushless™ Technology to deliver the same power with the additional benefit of at least 50% more runtime compared to the CORE18V 8.0 Ah.

The CORE18V family of batteries that is equipped with advanced cell technology, cutting-edge design, and exclusive Coolpack™ 2.0 technology for extended battery lifetime. CORE18V offers the 4.0 Ah Compact battery, 8.0 Ah PROFACTOR Performance battery, and now the new addition of the CORE18V 12.0 Ah PROFACTOR Exclusive battery. All three CORE18V batteries, including the new 12.0 Ah, are compatible with Bosch 18V lithium-ion chargers.

Delivering power that outperforms its corded counterparts, Bosch Power Tools’ new PROFACTOR line of cordless tools give professionals the freedom to take on the most demanding jobsite applications on an 18V battery platform. All PROFACTOR tools are powered by Bosch’s best battery technology, the CORE18V battery platform, and feature a high-performance BITURBO Brushless motor.