Metal Restoration

SPF Coating Restores Metal Roof to Former Glory in Riverside, California

by Rachel Stout, construction writer, Carlisle Construction Materials


Metal roofs are a very popular choice for commercial buildings, in large part because they are long-lasting and low-maintenance. However, when metal roof panels lack a PVDF resin-based protective finish and/or when regular maintenance is neglected, areas of rust can form and eventually lead to leaks. While replacing an aging metal roof is one option, a more cost-effective option, when feasible, is to restore the roof to its former glory. With long-term durability, easy application, and enhanced resistance to weatherization, spray polyurethane foam (SPF) and silicone coatings provide a high-performance, cost-effective solution for this type of rooftop restoration.

A&R Roofing Systems based in Rancho Cucamonga, California, is a full-service family owned roofing contracting company led by Jorge Gutierrez. Gutierrez, who has a recognized 40-year history in the sprayfoam roofing industry, was called on to evaluate the leaky roof on a multi-building manufacturing complex owned by Harbor Pipe and Steel, Inc., in Riverside, California.

It was imperative that the rooftop restoration be completed as quickly as possible in order to reduce any disruption to operations. Equally imperative was the choice of high-performance coating products that would provide long-term protection against rooftop deterioration. With these considerations in mind, the team at A&R Roofing Systems with the help of Carlisle® Roof Foam and Coatings (CRFC) chose to use SPF and silicone coatings.

The restoration project, which totaled 130,000 sq.ft., was completed in two phases between the three buildings. Due to ongoing inclement weather conditions, this project took longer than a typical application would normally require and was done over a three-month period to completion, while maintaining a watertight condition throughout the inclement weather. The first phase of the project involved coating areas of the metal rooftops that were rusted. The second phase involved coating areas of the rooftops that were experiencing little to no rust but had been severely damaged by both third-party contractors and natural weatherization.

For both phases of the project, A&R Roofing Systems chose to use CRFC’s PremiSEAL® 60 SPF along with CRFC’s SeamlesSEAL™ ULTRA HSLV silicone coating. PremiSEAL 60 is a closed-cell SPF consisting of two components that provide continuous insulation with a combined R-value of 6.3 per inch. The use of this unique SPF would not only promote leak-free performance but would also enhance the thermal efficiency of Harbor Pipe and Steel’s facilities. PremiSEAL 60 SPF would also improve the rooftop’s wind uplift performance and provide an easy, seamless application.

While PremiSEAL 60 SPF enhanced the rooftop’s thermal efficiency, SeamlesSEAL ULTRA HSLV silicone coating would ensure the rooftop’s overall durability and long-term resistance to weatherization. Designed as a single-component, fluid-applied silicone coating, CRFC’s SeamlesSEAL ULTRA HSLV offers enhanced resistance to water intrusion, UV exposure, and natural weathering while also meeting low-VOC project requirements. With this coating in place, the rooftops at Harbor Pipe and Steel will be able to resist the elements better than they ever had before.

Phase one began with power-washing the designated rooftop areas, including skylight and gutter systems. Once these components were fully dry, a layer of primer was applied. Next, the team from A&R Roofing Systems reinforced all gutters with polyester fiber. After reinforcement was complete, a 1-1/2” layer of PremiSEAL 60 SPF was applied across the entire rooftop areas, including around the skylights and gutters. In the final stage, SeamlesSEAL ULTRA HSLV silicone coating was applied across the rooftop areas and gutter systems.

The second phase of this project again began with the power-washing of all designated surfaces to remove any existing contaminants. Once the rooftop area was dry, PremiSEAL 60 SPF was applied to seal all penetrations and vents. The installation crew then reinforced all gutter seams with polyester fiber and mastic, ensuring a seamless rooftop. The final stage, just as in phase one, was to apply SeamlesSEAL ULTRA HSLV across the rooftop surfaces and gutter systems.

A complete reroofing of this facility would not only have cost the company significantly in both labor and materials but would also have lengthened the construction timeline. With more than 40 years of experience, the contracting team at A&R Roofing Systems knew that restoration was the answer for this facility, and that CRFC products would provide the level of performance needed to protect this roofing system from the elements.