Peace of Mind

Hybrid Underlayment Keeps Condominium Community Safe & Secure in Oregon 

by Marcus Dodson, publisher 



Stonewater, a condominium complex in Hillsboro, Oregon, is one of the biggest homeowners associations in the Pacific Northwest.  Consisting of 99 buildings originally built nearly 20 years ago, Stonewater is one of the most coveted communities in the Portland, Oregon, area.  Nearby Orenco Station Plaza serves as a vibrant gathering space for local residents, while adjacent Orenco Woods Nature Park provides solace for those looking for a quiet space.  Recently, Stonewater underwent a massive renovation project after major deficiencies were discovered throughout the buildings.  In addition to the replacement of exterior cladding assemblies, concrete-topped decks, gutters, downspouts, and paint, the condominiums are also undergoing a multi-phase roof replacement.   

The first of four roof replacements of the 99 buildings went underway in October of 2019 and was completed by Aylwin Construction, a family-owned business in Hillsboro that focuses on roofing, gutter, and exterior construction.  As a reliable roofing and reroofing expert, Aylwin Construction has to make sure it is using only the top-performing products in the industry.  To ensure the safety of the roofing professionals, the security of the residents of Stonewater, and the value of the new roof, Aylwin Construction used Safeguard 30® Hybrid Underlayment, a lightweight product that combines the proven technology behind asphalt-based products with a high-performance nonwoven polyester reinforcement. 

J2 Building Consultants, Portland, were the building envelope consultants on the project, and they originally specified a regular synthetic underlayment, but Aylwin Construction was granted approval to use Safeguard 30 after explaining the overwhelming benefits of the hybrid product.  Not only is Safeguard 30 a top-quality product that extends the life of a roof, it also increases the safety of a jobsite.  Five squares of Safeguard 30 are lighter than two squares of a traditional felt underlayment, making movement on the roof safer and easier.  “On a 12:12 roof like these at Stonewater, walking on Safeguard 30 is a dream,” said Josh Robertsona 13-year roofing industry veteran and estimator at Aylwin Construction. 

Geographic areas that experience abundant precipitation, such as the Pacific Northwest, can benefit from a tough product such as Safeguard 30, which remains strong even when wet.  High-wind areas, too, find that the synthetic underlayment’s lightweight profile allows nails to hang on tightly and prevent the wind from blowing it off the roof.  The unmatched durability of Safeguard 30 allows it to hold fasteners better and provide superior tear strength and puncture resistance when compared to other products on the market.   

The roof replacement was a massive overhaul, which included improving the attic ventilation, correcting ductwork, and repairing insulation.  CertainTeed® Landmark® Shingles in the color moire black were the finishing touch for the condominium roofs.  Landmark asphalt shingles have a dual-layered design with two-piece laminated fiberglass-construction that emulates the weight and color of true wood shake.   

The project at Stonewater wasn’t without some limitations though.  As a quiet, upscale community, the residents expected white glove service.  This meant not obscuring pathways or streets with equipment, as well as navigating amongst big trees and monitoring the amount of debris onsite.  Plus, since the project began in the fall and continued throughout the winter, precipitation was a constant threat.  Some days it would pour rain, but we’d all sleep soundly at night knowing the roof wasn’t leaking,” said Robertson.  “Safeguard 30 gives you that peace of mind.”   

The next phase will begin in 2021, and Aylwin Construction will use Safeguard 30 on those buildings as well, knowing that it is safe for any job.