Protecting Precious Cargo

Shipping Warehouse in Southern California Gets New Energy-Efficient Roof

by Marcus Dodson, editor & publisher


Air-Sea Forwarders is a global air and ocean import/export service provider that also administers warehousing solutions for companies in over 100 countries. In order to protect its customers’ valuable goods, the shipping company utilizes a 34,000 sq.ft. warehouse in Southern California. Recently, Air-Sea Forwarders needed to protect their customers’ investments by reroofing the massive warehouse, as the original cap sheet was worn out.

Wilson Pacific Roofing, Chatsworth, California, was the contractor on the job. They knew the warehouse needed a superior roofing system that could stand up to Southern California’s hot, dry climate while simultaneously adhering to the state’s stringent energy-efficiency standards. To ensure high performing products were used for the roof design, the Wilson Pacific Roofing team turned to Polyglass® U.S.A., Inc.

“We use Polyglass for almost all of our flat reroof projects,” said Rick Wilson, president of Wilson Pacific Roofing. “Polyglass roof products are ideal for the warm Southern California climate and are versatile for any type of roof deck. We always give our clients the option of the 12, 25, or 30-year Polyglass roof systems. In this case, our client requested the 12-year two-layer Polyfresko® G roof system.”

Before the new installation began, Wilson Pacific Roofing removed all existing roof system layers to expose and inspect the roof structure supports. The reroof was a straightforward project. Aside from a few HVAC base flashings that needed replacing, the roofing crew also discovered four cracked roof structure supports that needed to be replaced before the reroof began. The team then fastened into place a layer of standard glass base sheet membrane to the entire roof. Next, a layer of Polyflex® smooth modified bitumen membrane was applied as a target sheet onto the glass base sheet at all roof penetrations and base flashings.

Polyglass’ Polyfresko G highly reflective, white APP cap sheet was then applied to the entire roof, covering the inside parapet walls. The buildings tilt-up concrete walls were primed with Polyglass PG-100 asphalt primer for better cap sheet adhesion. To improve the aesthetics of the roof, the bleed-out areas were address with Polyglass’ bright white Detail & Repair Finish.

Polyfresko G features patented CURE Technology®, which utilizes an innovative thin film technology that attributes to the product’s exceptional granule adhesion, reflectivity, minimal staining, scuff resistance, and UV stabilization for long-term durability and performance. Polyfresko’s energy-efficient properties exceeds the requirements of California’s Title 24 making it an ideal choice for this roof.

“Wilson Pacific Roofing has been the most accommodating and understanding company we have dealt with,” said Lee Fino, who manages operations for the building owner Airport Trade Center. “We cannot say enough about this company as far as the quality and work performance. Their step-by-step photos of the before and after were amazing.”

Having been in business for over 40 years, Wilson Pacific Roofing was looking to change its commercial flat-roof applications from BUR to modified roof systems. “We were impressed with the strength and durability of the smooth modified sheet from Polyglass,” explained Wilson. “With decades of torch-down experience, we have now found the product that works best for us.”

Wilson Pacific Roofing is a member of the Polyglass Contractor Program, which is a three-tiered program that rewards contractors for quality Polyglass roof system installations. Wilson Pacific Roofing has achieved the highest tier, Quantum Contractor, and benefits from personalized training, enhanced warranties, and exclusive meetings with Polyglass leadership. Additionally, they participate in Q Rewards, which allows contractors to earn points from Polyglass purchases and redeem them for rewards, such as merchandise, travel, and event tickets.

“The Q Rewards come in very handy and it also shows how well Polyglass takes care of your company,” said Wilson. “Polyglass really appreciates and encourages roofing contractors to get involved with its products and incentives.”

A Polyglass roofing system is a true example of form meeting function, and Air-Sea Forwarders can now rely on their upgraded warehouse roof to protect its precious cargo. Not only is the roof extremely puncture resistant, it also carries an exceptional Polyglass multi-ply system warranty. Its highly reflective white color will retain its bright appearance over time, and also allows the large warehouse to comply with California’s strict energy-efficiency standards.