Contractor’s Guide

Colorado-based roofing entrepreneur, business coach, and podcast host, Randy Brothers, is a third-generation contractor and owner of Elite Roofing, who was once bankrupt but bounced back to generate over $50 million in revenue in under ten years. He has also launched the Roofing Academy, a consulting firm and online virtual training curriculum that specializes in helping other roofing business owners succeed.

Brothers took the culmination of his many years of business experience inside the construction trades industry to write the international best-seller Start It, Build It, Grow It: The Contractor’s Guide to Success. The book offers tips to fellow construction entrepreneurs with a blueprint on how to take their companies from startup to scale-ability.

Start It, Build It, Grow It: The Contractor’s Guide to Success is a great resource for roofing business owners on how to be better leaders and make the leap from working in their business to working on their business. The book also addresses topics such as how to systemize the sales process to increase conversion rates, how to drive business growth for an in-house service company, how to improve recruiting methods and attract superstars, how to develop a great company culture that works together to achieve common goals, how to exponentially increase a company’s online reviews, and how to add value to the client experience and increase sales.

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