Learning Platform

Responding to today’s competitive demands for companies to match nonstop business opportunities with their corresponding need to become ongoing learning and training organizations, Learner Mobile is a versatile and affordable microlearning platform. It is a performance support and enhancement tool that correlates to how today’s employees use their smartphones, mobile devices, and desktop computers to both learn and work, anywhere and anytime. Learner Mobile enables teams’ constantly changing and ever-present informal training needs to be met in real time. It is particularly relevant for a widely distributed or remote workforce. The platform is optimized to provide up-to-date information, training, and knowledge to employees, exactly when and where they need it, without the expensive costs of implementation, training, and support that traditional learning management systems (LMS) have.

What differentiates Learner Mobile from traditional LMS offerings is its ability to enable and track informal learning where opportunity meets understanding and knowledge, delivered to employees on an ongoing basis as hyper-relevant, bite-sized, easily-digestible pieces of information. Learner Mobile was built for today’s workers, whose learning and training needs never stop. Its approach is to focus on informally delivering the ideal content at the exact moment of need. By leveraging technologies that employees are already adept at using, Learner Mobile significantly reduces the cost to companies of delivering that learning. In a world measured in seconds, access to information right now is the competitive differentiator.

Unlike an LMS, which just focuses on formal training and is often too slow and inflexible for today’s workforces, Learner Mobile maps to the informal way in which learning occurs today. Whether your team is on the manufacturing floor, in the office, conference room, or out in the world, companies can quickly and easily create and deliver how-to videos, quizzes, safety and compliance content, competitive information, and more to any preferred mobile device of an entire team or a small subset of employees.


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