Protective Coating

Polyglass® USA, a manufacturer of roofing and waterproofing technologies, is proud to announce the release of PolyBrite® 47, which has been specifically formulated for hot, dry climates, and extending the life cycle of new and existing roof systems by protecting them from the ultraviolet sun and other weather conditions.

PolyBrite 47 has an initial solar reflectance of 0.87, an initial SRI of 110, and an initial thermal emittance of 0.9. Its highly reflective properties keep the roof surface cool resulting in reduced building energy costs in high-temperature conditions. Intended for use across a wide range of roofing substrates, PolyBrite 47 affords remarkable flexibility and tensile strength when cured, easily accommodating natural roof expansion and contraction in high-temperature environments without damage.

Roofing professionals will appreciate the ease of application of this product thanks to its excellent product flow and leveling characteristics, superior wet hide application, and dry hide upon curing. Use PolyBrite 47 to protect and waterproof the following types of roof surfaces: conventional smooth and granulated BUR and granulated polymer modified roof membranes; most metal roof systems; concrete; rigid coverboards; PVC single-ply membranes; and cementitious stucco, EIFS, and other masonry surfaces. Polyglass recommends performing a substrate adhesion test before applying PolyBrite 47.

As a water-based, stearate acrylic elastomeric coating, PolyBrite 47 is low-VOC, non-flammable, and environmentally friendly. It also is highly resistant to fungal/algae growth, and its resistance to dirt pickup makes it easy to maintain and reduces deterioration over time.