To extend the roofing season with OlyBond500® Canisters, OMG® Roofing Products now offers Powerblanket® Foam Box Heaters and Powerblanket® Wraps.

Insulated Powerblanket Foam Box Heaters are 16” square and provides uniform heat of 100° F to one carton containing an OlyBond500 Canister. Insulated Powerblanket Wraps measure 20”x45”, enabling complete single canister coverage and are pre-set to 90° F. Both Powerblanket Wraps and Powerblanket Box Heaters are designed to maximize adhesive yield by minimizing waste of temperature sensitive insulation adhesives such as OlyBond500. All Powerblanket products operate on standard 120 V current and come with a 6’ power cord. Heated Powerblanket Box Heaters and Wraps fit easily on OMG BeadPro™ Carts, and can also be put into wagons, wheelbarrows, or other similar carts which are easily moved around on the roof.



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