Power Supply

Milwaukee® Tool powers more on demand with efficient, quiet, and portable power anywhere with the MX FUEL™ CARRY-ON™ 3600W/1800W Power Supply. Part of the new MX FUEL Equipment System, Power Supply provides the best temporary power for the job. Supplying 3600 peak watts/1800 running watts of pure sine wave energy, the power supply powers everything from high demand 15 Amp tools to sensitive electronics.

The compact size, zero emissions, and quiet operation of the power supply allow users to safely operate the unit in confined indoor spaces and a roll cage provides durability for outdoor jobsite use. With a push-button start, users can start it in seconds, getting up and running faster than ever before by eliminating the repetitive motions of pull starts.

The MX FUEL Power Supply delivers enough power to run one 15 Amp tool and one lower wattage device simultaneously and can be powered by a single battery or two batteries for double the run-time. As an added benefit, ONE-KEY™ provides the ability to track the power supply with community tracking and alerts, complete inventory management, and smart-equipment technology to secure the user’s investment.



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