Contact Adhesive

ICP Building Solutions Group has launched its new Polyset® PVC Spray Contact Adhesive, designed as a portable, self-containing, single component solution with speed and simplicity in mind. Engineered to adhere most PVC membranes to most vertical walls and substrates for commercial low-slope roofing applications, Polyset PVC Spray Contact Adhesive delivers high adhesive output with a fast setup time, helping commercial roofing professionals reduce labor time and complete jobs faster.

Additional benefits include: can be applied in temperatures as low as 25°F and higher; no power required, allowing for easy transportation; zero VOC spray contact adhesive; reusable spray gun and hose, sold separately; excellent resistance against weather, water, fuel, oil, and many other plasticizers; low cost per applied sq.ft. of application; and up to 1,000 sq.ft. total bonded adhesive coverage. Additionally, like all Polyset products, the new PVC Spray Contact Adhesive is backed by The Polyset Promise to always deliver best-in-class training and field support.

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