Trent Cotney and John Kenney of Cotney Construction Law, a national law firm for the roofing industry, has announced the launch of Cotney Consulting Group. With a combined 65 years of experience in the roofing industry, working with all sizes of roofing companies, Cotney and Kenney bring a wealth of experience in maximizing success for businesses looking to grow, sustain, or plan for the unexpected.

Focused on the operational review of roofing companies, with the goal of increasing revenues and profitability, Cotney Consulting Group will work with roofing contractors to find success. With strong positioning, especially helping roofing contractors who hope to grow from the $2 million revenue mark to $10 million, the Cotney Consulting team offers expertise in roofing company operations, strategy, sales, marketing, accounting, and human resources.

As an entrepreneur, Cotney is currently owner, president, and/or CEO of six different companies generating millions in revenue annually. His law firm has experienced explosive growth of more than 500% in the last three years and has a historic track record of growth over the last eight years. Using both his legal acumen and in-depth knowledge of industry issues, he is able to understand the nuances of roofing including the development of SOPs, systems, and procedures to mitigate risk and ensure profitability. Cotney combines the business and legal expertise needed to get companies on the right track for sustainable growth.

Kenney has over 45 years of experience in the roofing industry, and started his career by working as a roofing apprentice at a family business in the Northeast. Because of his skill and hard work, he progressed from roofing laborer, to foreman, estimator, chief estimator, vice president, and chief operating officer with his various companies. He has worked for multiple top roofing contractors and is intimately familiar with all aspects of roofing production, estimating, and operations. Prior to joining Cotney Consulting Group, Kenney was responsible for the daily operations and performance of a large commercial roofing contractor. During his tenure, Kenney ran business units associated with delivering great workmanship and unparalleled customer service while ensuring strong net profits for his company.

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