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A Rustic Retreat from Big City Life

by Lynne Christensen, CSSB’s director of operations

(Editor’s Note: Lynne Christensen, the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau’s director of operations has worked for the CSSB since 1998 and is involved in a variety of departments with a focus on marketing. Christensen holds a master of business administration degree as well as the Certified Association Executive credential.)


From Western Roofing Sep/Oct ’12


The Medford, Oregon area offers a glorious, year-round outdoor paradise. Broad vistas teem with an abundance of wildlife including larger mammals such as the black-tailed deer, coyote, and bobcat. Set on a lovely, semi-wooded ten acres, this vacation property is nestled on the banks of the ancient Rogue River. The Oregon Caves National Monument and Crater Lake National Park are nearby landmarks. The area also boasts Upper and Lower Table Rock features, geological formations sculpted millions of years ago by volcanic lava flow and the erosion effects of the Rogue River. The property is located on the banks of the river and is close to the famed Rattlesnake Rapids, an area once fished by the Takelma Native American people.


A Beautiful Log Home

Homestead Log Homes of Medford, Oregon, designed the log home structure; this family business has a proud 30-year history in Oregon as well as a reputation for custom, handcrafted work. Logs for the home were all sourced from Oregon. Matt Bryant, owner of Riverdell Construction, Inc., Central Point, Oregon, is the general contractor for the project. Known in Oregon State for his precise work, flexible design concepts, and living green focus, Bryant ensured client satisfaction with precise attention to every detail. He appreciated the fact that the working relationship with the homeowner was very pleasant and that it allowed him a lot of leeway in daily decision-making. The homeowner put a lot of trust in Bryant and simply said, “Make it look good.” Bryant responded with careful selections of products and details that, “… would be what I would choose if this were my own residence.” Fittingly, Riverdell Construction, Inc.’s slogan is, “Quality is our Minimum Standard.”

Natural Setting Respected

The land was purchased in 2010 and site preparation work commenced in the spring of 2011. The guesthouse and shop were completed in November 2011 and the main home will be finished in August 2012. Right from the start it was deemed critical to respect the natural landscape and disturb as little as possible during the construction phase. Ponderosa Pine timber from the jobsite was planed to create 12” plank flooring for the guesthouse. Oak timber was sent to a local mill for use in table and artwork creation. Environmentally-friendly stain for the window trim was used to help blend in with the natural colors of the landscape. Energy Star® rated appliances and construction materials/practices were used as much as possible onsite.

Amazingly close teamwork was a hallmark of this jobsite. Bryant has a group of regular subcontractors who have worked with him for many years. This longevity has translated into seamless integration of trades and scheduling. Each day saw about 16-20 workers on the jobsite, with a few occasions when there were up to 30 people working. Frequent knowledge sharing occurred amongst trades with quality craftsmanship being the number one priority.

This 10,000 sq.ft. main log home and its 1,800 sq.ft. guest house offer the owners a quiet retreat from their busy East Coast city life. Once finished, the property will accommodate friends, family, and a variety of outdoor pursuits. The owners are heavily involved in both the financial and entertainment industries; one unique aspect of this home includes a professional recording studio in the main house. The recording studio is being constructed as a place for recording artists to collaborate on new lyrics and music for a variety of projects.

The Great Room is 60’x40’ and boasts a huge rock fireplace and a soaring 33’ ceiling. A modern kitchen is complimented by built in, hand-finished walnut cabinetry as well as slate flooring. Another new building product that the owners specified was a 14’x8’ steam shower with an 8’ window that glazes over when the water runs, turning into privacy glass.

A fun challenge for Bryant was making accommodation for the expected 3” of settling in the main residence over time. This translated into special design work on the chimney right up through the roof structure to ensure that the flashing could adjust with the roof.

The home is fully automated allowing for remote management of the heating and security systems. Ample lighting and a variety of other intruder prevention technologies have been installed at multiple strategic locations. A generator was installed to ensure a house full of guests would not have vacation plans interrupted by an unexpected power outage.


The 2,200 sq.ft. of covered outdoor living space is another stunning feature of this residence. This area includes a 60’x30’ pool, Jacuzzi, sauna for eight, outdoor kitchen complete with pizza oven and barbeque, plus a fantastic rock fireplace. Real stone, logs, and cedar products were used as much as possible to keep everything natural. Bryant stated, “we could have gotten away with cultured stone and composite roofing materials, but it would have taken away from the aesthetic value of the home.”

An unobtrusive 1,200 sq.ft. shop building completes the series of three structures on this acreage. Canine friends aren’t forgotten with the construction of a good-sized dog run. Natural landscaping materials ensure that the home blends into its surroundings. Future plans include a 3-acre vineyard on the property.

Certigrade Roofing Material Selected

Number 1 Grade Certigrade® 16″ Fivex Shingles were used at a reduced exposure for a heavier shadow line. It’s a classic look much appreciated by lead roofing contractor Roger Keller of A -1 Classic Roofing, Medford, Oregon. Cedar roofing industry representative Bill Hendricks assisted with roof product selection and ensured Certi-label(TM) products were specified right from the start. Hendricks also provided valuable fire rating technical assistance. Because of the semi-wooded location, a fire retardant shingle roof was specified. Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau manufacturing member Jaimes Shingles Inc., Amanda Park, Wash., produced the roofing shingles that were stocked and delivered to the site by Roof Line Supply and Delivery of Eugene, Oregon.

The roof required over 250 squares of product and used copper flashing. All shingles were hand laid and hand nailed using traditional installation methods. The ridge was also reduced to a 4” exposure to better accommodate aesthetic values. Keller prides himself on being a wood roofing contractor “… from way back,” and stated that, “… this was one of the most beautiful roofs I’ve ever worked on. The lines are straight, it’s gorgeous, and everything fits.” Bryant and Keller have collaborated for over ten years now and their strong working relationship is quite apparent. They considered a variety of roofing materials but nothing else gave them the look they wanted, the look Certi-label cedar provided.

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