Starter Roll

IKO® has introduced EdgeSeal™, a double-sided, self-sealing adhesive starter roll designed to bond shingles to the roof deck at the roof’s most vulnerable area, its perimeter. IKO’s EdgeSeal serves as an upgrade option for contractors, providing a higher-quality installation as well as the critical protection required to keep a roof secure during extreme weather events. Across North America, strong windstorms are becoming increasingly common, often inflicting the most severe damage on roof rake edges. IKO created EdgeSeal to provide homeowners added peace of mind when it comes to preventing blow-offs from high winds and helping ensure that the perimeter of the home’s roof is secure.

Compatible with all IKO shingle lines, IKO EdgeSeal is a membrane designed for roof perimeter sealing and to be installed at both the eave and rake edges. A double-sided, self-adhering starter roll, IKO EdgeSeal’s adhesive formulation is aggressive. It bonds tight to both the drip edge and/or underlayment below and the first course of the laminate asphalt/fiberglass shingle above.

Paired with IKO’s Nordic™ or Dynasty® performance shingles, IKO EdgeSeal is part of a complete performance roof system that provides protection against blow-off and damage during extreme weather events. IKO offers an array of additional roof starter products, including Leading Edge Plus™ and Armour Starter™.

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