Premier Supplier

Enphase Energy, Inc., a global energy technology company and supplier of solar microinverters, has announced that PetersenDean®, Inc., one of the largest full-service, privately held roofing and solar companies in the United States, has selected Enphase as its premier supplier of solar inverters and battery storage systems. The agreement establishes the foundation for Enphase to support PetersenDean on its mission to drive a clean energy future by providing turnkey energy solutions for new residential and commercial construction.

PetersenDean selected Enphase for its all-in-one smart energy system consisting of solar microinverters, battery storage, and energy management. Enphase microinverters come with a 25-year limited warranty as a result of a rigorous reliability and quality testing regimen with more than one million hours of power-on testing to ensure exceptional performance under heat, high humidity, salty air, and extreme cold. Enphase Encharge 3™ and Encharge 10™ storage systems feature Always-On Enphase Ensemble™ energy management technology and will offer usable and scalable capacity of 3.4 kWh and 10.1 kWh, respectively. These storage systems come with a ten-year limited warranty and will be compatible with both new and existing Enphase IQ™ solar systems with IQ 6™ or IQ 7™ microinverters.

Enphase provides comprehensive and integrated energy solutions for solar and storage, and its products deliver the reliability, performance, and design flexibility PetersenDean needs to provide the best possible value to its homebuilders, developers, and consumers. PetersenDean is excited about the prospect of offering its customers Enphase microinverters and Encharge storage systems to help reduce their energy bills and bring a new level of energy security to people who want to protect their homes and businesses from power outages.

Petersen-Dean has more than a million roofs under its belt and works directly with more than 400 homebuilders and general contractors, and Enphase takes great pride in being selected as its all-in-one smart energy system provider. The California solar mandate requires new home construction to include solar PV systems as an electricity source, and Petersen-Dean is ideally positioned to ensure that homebuilders deliver a high-quality solution. Enphase looks forward to a fruitful relationship by providing Petersen-Dean and its customers safe, powerful, and reliable products accompanied by an outstanding customer experience.

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