NWIR Day 2020

Registration Has Opened for the Third Annual NWIR Day 2020

by Heidi J. Ellsworth, president, HJE Consulting Group


National Women in Roofing (NWIR), an organization focused on the empowerment of women within the roofing industry, has opened registration for NWIR Day 2020 being held in Dallas, Texas, on February 2, 2020, in advance of the International Roofing Expo® (IRE). NWIR Day is an all-day premier seminar for women in the roofing industry with this year’s theme of Driving Your Success in 2020.

“There are a lot of seminars out there, but no others where the entire program is focused on the unique challenges and opportunities that women in the roofing industry face,” stated Jennifer Stone, NWIR chairperson. “By attending, women working in the roofing industry will connect, discover, and cultivate new relationships with hundreds of roofing professionals from around the country. Attendees will truly get the tools they need to drive their success.”

The third annual NWIR Day is the premier conference for multidisciplinary women professionals in the roofing industry. It is a chance for them to come together to learn about the latest business strategies and tactics while sharing their secrets to success. Attendees will be able to connect with professional, like-minded, good-spirited women from all facets of the roofing industry and experience insight, inspiration, and fun.

“Business is constantly changing,” continued Stone. “For many women, whether just starting out or with decades of experience, there is a gap between what is already known and what still needs to be learned so that women in the roofing industry can be their best.” At NWIR Day, there are sessions designed to help bridge that gap, whether it’s learning the latest application techniques, creating a company culture that attracts and retains talent, or developing short-term and long-term business strategies. The advice and connections are invaluable.

As a full-day program, it will begin at 9:00 a.m. and end at 5:30 p.m., with a fun evening activity to take place immediately afterwards. Sessions cover topics that will drive your success, including business development, communications, career development, mentoring, recruitment, roofing technology advancements, hands-on product demonstrations, a safety walk, and networking. This program is intended to foster conversation and learning. The day will include a light breakfast, lunch, snacks, an evening activity, and the first ever WORLD Award that will be awarded to honor an outstanding woman in the roofing industry. To register for NWIR Day 2020, simply visit the IRE website at www.theroofingexpo.com.

The cost for the event is $65 for NWIR members and $125 for non-members. The $125 includes the NWIR membership fee of $60. NWIR leadership understands that it can be hard to relay the importance of this conference to company leadership so they have developed a toolkit for women to help explain and justify the importance of attendance. It can be found along with additional information on the NWIR website at www.nationalwomeninroofing.org.

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