Rainproof Ventilation

Particularly within factory halls and heat production operations, it is essential to have continuous ventilation and a reliable smoke and heat exhaust ventilation system. The combination of the LAMILUX Continuous Rooflight B and the MEGAPHOENIX from Roda, means that ventilation is now also possible even when it’s raining. The element guarantees all-weather ventilation through its weather-resistant side opening flaps. These open automatically as soon as the top-mounted flaps close when it begins to rain.

The Continuous Rooflight B can be made-to-measure for the relevant building use, through the diverse glazing types, the custom-fit, as well as the numerous variants, such as those for increased chemical resistance and production with cooling lubricants. As an option, fall-through, insect, and glare protection grids can also be installed.

An additional, continuous EPDM insulation level below the PVC base profile guarantees the optimum water drainage of the continuous rooflight, while ensuring the high airtightness of the element, together with the avoidance of thermal bridges. An integrated isothermal load converter ensures the load is directly channeled, which prevents serious storm damage that could be caused by a possible zip effect.



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