Flashing System

MFM Building Products, a manufacturer of a full envelope of waterproofing and weather barrier products for the building industry, has introduced GreenWeld™ PVB, an innovative roof flashing membrane. GreenWeld PVB armored flashing system is a high-performance PVB membrane enhanced with an aluminum scrim for superior flexibility, strength, and weathering. The membrane is comprised of recycled PVB and can be used in residential and commercial roofing applications. Typical applications include flashing for pipe penetrations and support beams, water barrier for cavity walls, liner for valleys of shingle, tile and aluminum metal roofs, and through-wall flashings.

GreenWeld PVB is designed as a replacement for lead, sealant pockets, or liquid flashing systems. The membrane offers the roofing contractor significant advantages, including easy to cut and use, heat-weldable, non-toxic and sustainable, flexible and light weight, and comes with a 20-year warranty. Independent, third-party testing shows that GreenWeld has the same waterproofing properties of traditional lead used to seal roof penetrations.



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