McElroy Metal has developed three blogs to help educate contractors, consumers, and homeowners on the benefits and frequently asked questions regarding metal roofing and wall products. McElroy Metal’s commercial building blog features some of the many successful commercial projects completed with the company’s products. McElroy Metal’s homeowners blog speaks to anyone looking for design inspiration and information about installing metal roofing on their home. It also offers information about the benefits of metal roofing. McElroy Metal’s news blog showcases the company’s new products, as well as projects featuring McElroy products, including several award-winning projects.

McElroy Metal’s goal is to help their customers and consumers learn about metal roofing and walls. The three blogs contain information useful to contractors, consumers, and homeowners that helps promote the use of metal roofing and walls and explains the benefits to consumers. All three blogs can be accessed from the blog drop-down menu on the company’s home page.

Since 1963, McElroy Metal has served the construction industry with quality products and excellent customer service. The family-owned components manufacturer is headquartered in Bossier City, Louisiana, and has 13 manufacturing facilities across the United States. Quality, service, and performance have been the cornerstone of McElroy Metal’s business philosophy and have contributed to the success of the company through the years.

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