Liquid Coating

LO/MIT™ from Solar Energy Corporation (SOLEC®) is a specialized coating designed to mimic the optical and thermal properties of aluminum foil, but as an easily applied liquid. When applied to the underside of the roof, it can greatly reduce unwanted thermal influx and can be an ideal retrofit technology to lessen air conditioning loads and improve occupant comfort. Installed with any airless paint sprayer, LO/MIT is a simple add-on technology for any contracting business and will provide a superb low-cost option to other more costly retrofit insulation technologies.

SOLEC’s water-based, low VOC formulations make for a safe application at any stage of construction with easy cleanup. The company also has solvent-based systems that are great for any exterior application to help reduce surface temperatures. LO/MIT is not just limited to building applications either. Its usage extends to many markets, including plastics, aeronautics, military, industrial, appliances, and others to help reduce unwanted heat transfer.

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