Exit Planning

Beacon Exit Planning has released its bestselling book, The Contractor’s 60 Minute Exit Plan, written by their two award-winning exit planners, Kevin Kennedy and Joseph Bazzano. The book is an educational tool designed to guide contractors as they begin the journey of exiting their business.

Kennedy was a contractor who bought and sold a 63-year old contracting business with two other owners. He founded Beacon based on his experience with exit planning and succession of his specialty contracting business. Bazzano, a certified public accountant, valuation analyst, and business exit consultant, agrees that contractors need to be able to see the big picture when it comes to creating their exit plan. Every business is different and the owners planning their exit need to have the guidance and experience of professionals who can help them maximize the value of their business while minimizing tax implications. This book serves as the perfect introduction for contractors trying to navigate the complexity of exiting their businesses.

The book was written without the legal and financial technical jargon to make what can be a very complex process more understandable and provide a path for contractors to successfully exit their businesses and achieve financial independence. Kennedy and Bazzano have partnered together to create this book to help other contractors understand the whole process, help them envision their path to a successful exit, and reduce their financial risk. They are committed to educating contractors about the process, the pitfalls, and the challenges they will need to overcome in order to be successful through their numerous articles, speaking engagements at industry conferences, and educational events.



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