Slator-USA, a provider of safe access solutions and specialty roofing tools, has introduced two anchors for shingle, slate, and metal roofs. Instead of working unprotected or installing their own anchor points, roofing professionals can rely on Slator-USA’s safety solutions to protect buildings, roofs, and workers.

The V-5 is a permanent fall protection anchor solution for many roof types that benefits architects, builders, homeowners, framers, roofing contractors, painters, and other professionals. The permanent anchor is available with or without a hidden stainless steel flashing plate. It is available in stainless steel with an aged copper finish and in several truss or rafter sizes.

Slator-USA’s V-1 anchor is a temporary anchor that can be a great resource for professionals during a roof tear off and installation. Slator-USA recommends locating anchors just below the ride every 8’ to 12’ and 4’ off the rakes. The V-1 anchor is stainless steel, manufactured in the United States, and easily installs into a roof rafter. The V-1 is also an ideal anchor for securing scaffolding to a building that uses masonry or wood for its siding.

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