Framing Nailer

Aluminum Magazine Provides Exceptional Durability

by Ali Turner, editorial & multimedia manager


Metabo HPT, a leader in the world of power tools, has released another durable and reliable option to its line of nailers and staplers. The 3-1/4” Framing Nailer with depth adjustment and aluminum magazine raises the bar for high-quality power tools for contractors. This addition to the Metabo HPT A5 Series of tools offers the same features and performance as its predecessor, but is now equipped with an aluminum magazine. The new 3-1/4” Framing Nailer provides the same rapid response and high driving power that Metabo HPT is known for.

The high-grade aluminum magazine provides exceptional durability and protects against jams. The tool-less depth of drive adjustment feature allows for flush fastening when dealing with various types of material. Additionally, the cylinder valve drive system provides a rapid response and increased durability. At just 8.8 lbs., the incredible power-to-weight ratio really allows the 3-1/4” Framing Nailer to pack a punch.

The Metabo HPT Framing Nailer accepts two strips of 21ºx.113-.131” collated nails, ranging from 2” up to 3-1/4” in length. The open-nose design is particularly helpful in the event that a nail gets jammed, and the cylinder valve drive system ensures rapid response when contractors need it most. Our team took the Metabo HPT Framing Nailer to task, and we even tried to get it to jam, but were unsuccessful. Plus, after many failed attempts at jamming the nailer, we weren’t even fatigued, thanks to the lightweight body.

A hardened claw tip grips into wood, allowing nails to be driven in at different angles while simultaneously resisting wear. The tool’s locking feeder system makes replenishments quick and easy, an important feature when working on a time-sensitive project. A selective actuation on the trigger allows for either sequential or contact nailing, and a rubber grip ensures comfortable, controlled handling. The nailer includes a rafter hook for added convenience, too.

Metabo HPT’s 3-1/4” Framing Nailer is a robust and reliable addition to any contractor’s toolbox. The updated aluminum magazine makes it one of the hardest-hitting power tools on the market. Don’t let the light weight of the tool fool you, for it’s one of the most powerful framing nailers our team has tested. For roofing contractors that find themselves in need of a lightweight framing nailer with impressive features, this framing nailer is a good bet.