Keeping it Cool

Solar-Reflective Shingles a Must-Have in Santa Rosa, California

by Marcus Dodson, publisher


There are parts of the country where solar reflective shingles simply make sense. The city of Santa Rosa, California, is one of those places. Located an hour and a half north of San Francisco, Santa Rosa experiences hot summers that require residents to invest in ways to keep their homes cool during warm weather. In the summer, the average temperature in Santa Rosa exceeds 80º F, topping 100º a few days each year. The high levels of solar radiation significantly increase the temperatures inside homes.

When it comes to serving the roofing needs of homeowners in Santa Rosa, experience matters. Steve Gubera is the owner of Smart Roofing Systems, Inc., and a 30-year veteran of the roofing industry. He started his career working for a large-production roofing contractor for ten years before he became a manufacturer’s rep for a major roofing manufacturer. In 2014, he started Smart Roofing Systems in Santa Rosa.

Over his career, Gubera has seen it all and understands the attributes a roof must have to do its job in the Santa Rosa area. Because of this experience, he has become a vocal proponent of solar-reflective asphalt shingles. That’s why he took the time to explain to a recent residential customer in Santa Rosa why opting for solar-reflective shingles made sense. The job was typical for the area, as it was a roof that had been installed over 20 years ago and was beginning to fail, including some dry rot in the eaves.

“The added cost of the solar-reflective option to the overall cost of a high-quality asphalt shingle is minimal and pays immediate dividends,” said Gubera. “That’s why we recommend the solar-reflective shingles to most of our customers in the greater Santa Rosa region and install solar-reflective products in 90% of our residential jobs.”

The job required 57 squares of asphalt shingles. PABCO® Roofing Products shingles were selected for their value, durability, and exceptional solar-reflective properties, as well as being UL790 Class A fire resistant. Premier Radiance® shingles from PABCO are infused with solar-reflective granules, reflecting heat-producing ultraviolet rays from the sun back into the atmosphere, thereby mitigating heat transfer into the home.

PABCO Roofing granules are made from hard igneous rock, coated in a colored clay silicate mixture, then covered in a durable-colored ceramic to increase durability. The granules help prevent UV rays from transferring heat to the home’s interior, as well as preventing the asphalt from becoming brittle through repeated expansion and contraction when temperatures rise and fall, damaging the shingle.

WaterBlock® water-resistant underlayment was used on the entire roof, providing a layer of moisture protection that does not stretch, as well as excellent traction that enhances the safety of the crew working on the roof. An O’Hagin Fire&Ice® Vent was also installed, chosen because of the steel mesh design which prevents embers from entering the attic.

In addition to the roof replacement, the chimney was also failing from significant dry rot. Smart Roofing Systems completely rebuilt the chimney’s wooden structure from the roofline up.

“The Smart Roofing Systems team could not have been more professional or more friendly throughout the project,” said Matthew Howard, the homeowner. “The roof and new chimney look fantastic, and I’m grateful they took the time to explain the benefits of solar-reflective shingles, which are going to make my home more comfortable throughout the summer.”

Illustrating that high-quality work is a contractor’s best advertisement, a neighboring homeowner was so impressed with the look of the new roof that they have hired Smart Roofing Systems. Gubera expects to install Premier Radiance shingles from PABCO on the home’s roof later this year.