Castlewood by the Sea

High-Wind Protection for Seaside Home in Lincoln City, Oregon

by Ali Turner, editorial & multimedia manager


Lincoln City lies on the central coast of Oregon and it is beloved by locals and visitors alike for its sandy beaches, tide pools, and hidden coves. Travelers are drawn to the charming seaside town for its majestic cliffs and up-close access to the Pacific Ocean. Directly south of Roads End State Recreation Site in Lincoln City lies Castlewood by the Sea. Custom-built in the 1970s on a double lot with private beach access, this unique home has sweeping views of the ocean. While this home is one of the lucky few in the area that is nestled directly alongside the ocean, being situated so close to sea salt and ocean spray can do significant damage to an unprepared roof.

On Castlewood by the Sea, the roof was worn down to fiberglass due to its beachfront location. Ten Square Roofing, Albany, Oregon, was the roofing company on this job in April 2021. The company, owned by Chris Parmenter, specializes in asphalt shingles, metal roofing, and all roof repairs. For this roofing job, Parmenter and his team chose 50 squares of PABCO Roofing Products Paramount Advantage® in the color oakwood. The heavyweight signature-cut architectural shingles have a bold appearance, making them a preferred choice by homeowners and roofing professionals. Prior to installation, the Ten Square Roofing team first laid down Safeguard 30® Hybrid Underlayment with stinger cap nails.

To make matters more difficult, the original roof did not use stainless steel nails, so the rusted heads simply popped off. “Our job time doubled because of the effort required to drive in the shanks,” explained Parmenter. Ten Square Roofing, a PABCO® Preferred Contractor, had to seal the entire ridge since the home has a beachfront location. Plus, since the Pacific Ocean is only 50’ away from the home, the crew had to deal with 15+ mph winds coming off the water the entire time. PABCO’s Paramount Advantage shingles are designed to withstand up to 130 mph winds.

Castlewood by the Sea is a popular vacation rental property, so the homeowner had to be strategic when choosing dates to start the reroof. Because of this, Ten Square Roofing was given a 1-1/2 week time frame to complete the entire reroof. “Because of the extra time needed to resolve the rusted nail issue, we used nearly every minute of that time,” said Parmenter. “We finished the project minutes before the next renters were scheduled to arrive.”

Despite the quick timeframe and unexpected challenges, Ten Square Roofing was able to complete the seaside reroof project expertly and on time. The quality craftsmanship of PABCO’s products undoubtedly helped make the installation process as smooth as possible. “We are in the business of helping homeowners get an affordable roof they can trust,” said Parmenter. “I stand behind my warranty and shingles I use.”