Affinity Programs

To bring even more business support to roofing contractors, TAMKO® Building Products has launched three new affinity programs for members of The TAMKO Edge™ contractor program featuring some of the biggest names in the industry, EagleView®, HailTrace®, and RoofersCoffeeShop®. These new affinity relationships open up special offers and discounts for members of The TAMKO Edge and give contractors access to more digital solutions with opportunities to save money while growing their businesses.

EagleView is an industry leader in providing accurate aerial imagery and property measurement reports. HailTrace is an industry leader in hail, wind, and tornado tracking solutions, providing contractors with relevant and timely leads of homeowners and properties impacted by severe weather. RoofersCoffeeShop is a premier networking site for roofing professionals with information, materials, services, tools, labor, and training all in one place.

Details on the special offers available to TAMKO contractors from each of these industry vendors, by contractor program tier, are available inside The TAMKO Edge portal, under Edge Perks. More roofing contractors are taking advantage of The TAMKO Edge contractor loyalty program as TAMKO brings even more value to roofing contractors across the nation. After launching The TAMKO Edge contractor program in 2021, TAMKO added more enhancements in January 2022, including new rewards programs and cash-back promotions for both certified and non-certified contractors and releasing an all-new enhanced warranty for TAMKO’s popular Heritage® shingles.