Name Change

DERBIGUM Americas, Inc., a producer of high-quality APP modified-bitumen roofing systems and accessories for the low-slope commercial roofing market, has announced it will change its name to Performance Roof Systems™, Inc., A SOPREMA® Group Company.

The decision to change the corporate name reflects the company’s legacy and strengthens the strategy to focus on Performance Roof Systems’ industry-leading roofing solutions. It will also formally align the relationship as A SOPREMA Group Company. SOPREMA, Inc., a manufacturer of commercial roofing, building envelope waterproofing, wall protection, and civil engineering waterproofing solutions, acquired DERBIGUM Americas in August 2018.

With over 40 years of proven performance, Performance Roof Systems takes an aggressive and proactive approach to sustainable roofing through production, system design, relationships, and innovations. Performance Roof Systems offers APP modified-bitumen roofing systems, focusing on long-term solutions for the environmentally conscious building owner.

SOPREMA offers a comprehensive line of roofing, waterproofing, wall protection, and civil engineering solutions, combining superior products and systems with decades of proven performance. Solutions include industry-leading SBS-modified bitumen membranes, polymeric PMMA/PMA liquid-applied membranes, and synthetic single-ply PVC membranes. For applications as diverse as roofing, below-grade waterproofing, plaza deck and balcony waterproofing, air and vapor barriers, and bridge and parking structures, SOPREMA has the solution.