More roofing contractors will have access to TAMKO® cash-back rewards in 2022 thanks to a new rewards program for non-certified contractors and TAMKO’s best certified contractor rewards offering yet. TAMKO Building Products LLC announces its highest cash-back rewards for 2022, benefitting both certified and non-certified contractors enrolled in The TAMKO Edge™ contractor loyalty program.

With the all-new 2022 Edge Rewards program, non-certified Team TAMKO contractors in The TAMKO Edge are eligible for up to $4 cash back per sales square of qualifying purchases, depending on product and volume, once contractors reach minimum purchase requirement. Eligible products in the new Edge Rewards include all TAMKO asphalt shingles, including hip and ridge and starter shingles. Contractors are automatically eligible for this new rewards program by registering for a free account in The TAMKO Edge contractor portal, a process that takes less than five minutes. The new Edge Rewards program will run January 1, 2022, through December 31, 2022. Sign up at quickly to ensure all of your qualifying 2022 TAMKO product purchases are eligible.

TAMKO Certified Contractors are eligible for even better rewards through the 2022 Pro Rewards program. Pro Rewards features higher per square cash-back amounts, lower minimum purchase levels, and rewards on more TAMKO products than Edge Rewards. TAMKO’s best cash back rewards programs are just part of a larger effort to offer roofing contractors across the country TAMKO’s best-ever contractor loyalty program, including the 2022 addition of TAMKO’s most popular product, Heritage® shingles, into the program, eligible starting January 1, 2022, for an enhanced warranty when installed and registered by a TAMKO Certified Contractor.

Through June 2022, contractors can get an additional $2/SSQ reward on qualifying purchases of Titan XT™ shingles, on top of their Edge Rewards or Pro Rewards per square cash-back for Titan XT purchases through the new Experience Titan XT promotion. This new Experience Titan XT reward has no minimum purchase requirement, so contractors can start receiving their rewards for Titan XT shingle purchases very soon. This new promotion coincides with the one-year anniversary of TAMKO’s launch of the Titan XT shingles and provides significant opportunity for roofing contractors to earn more money while growing their business with a shingle product that has been garnering industry praise for its innovation and performance.