Membrane System

Garland® has a new fluid-applied membrane system Cool-Sil™ that extends the life of aging single-ply, modified bitumen, and metal roofs. This liquid rubber membrane significantly enhances watertight performance and eliminates the need for a full replacement, saving facility managers and building owners time and money while also reducing environmental impact.

Cool-Sil provides ponding water resistance, excellent UV protection, and is an easy-to-install one-part product. The silicone rubber-based system is solvent-free with a high solids content that provides a thick and durable, mold and mildew resistant roof covering for proven protection in even the harshest weather conditions. Its high reflectivity can reduce energy cooling costs and provide a more comfortable indoor environment.

Additionally, Cool-Sil meets Garland’s high standards of environmental stewardship. The product is P151 certified by NSF International, a globally recognized product testing organization, for not contaminating water runoff and is safe for waterways. The Cool-Sil line includes numerous product variations to satisfy the performance and application requirements of every project. There is a high-build version for maximum protection, a flashing-grade option, primers, walkway coating, all-purpose sealant, and a skylight sealer. Cool-Sil joins Garland’s already impressive line of fluid-applied membranes.

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