Bitec™, Inc., has expanded its line of white, reflective restoration coatings in response to industry demand and continued growth in that sector. Bitec now offers four distinct premium Imper-Sol™ coating lines, adding rubber and silicone products to its existing elastomeric coatings.

The new high-performance coatings, Imper-Sol SI Silicone, Imper-Sol EB All-in-One, Imper-Sol AC Acrylics, and Imper-Sol EB EP, offer excellent waterproofing and UV resistance and can be applied over multiple types of roof substrates. The coatings are single component and can be applied by brush, roller, or spray, making installation quick and easy. Additionally, the Imper-Sol line of coatings provides customers with a sustainable option for extending the life of their roof system by eliminating the need for a full tear-off and replacement.