Sump Drain

OMG® Roofing Products, a division of OMG, Inc., and leader in commercial roofing accessories and productivity tools, has announced the new OMG ReadySump™ RetroDrain® as an innovative extension to the OlyFlow® lineup of retrofit roof drains. OMG ReadySump combines a pre-fabricated drain sump and integrated OMG retrofit drain in one easy-to-install product designed to eliminate the labor-intensive, multi-step process of field fabricating a drain sump.

Featuring a 9.75” drain stem and the proven U-Flow Mechanical Seal, OMG ReadySump is flashed at the highest point of the sump and not around the drain for improved rooftop quality. In addition to improving the installation process, OMG ReadySump improves rooftop flow performance by featuring OMG’s Vortex Breaker Technology and a heavy-duty cast aluminum strainer dome. OMG’s customers are facing unprecedented times and are looking for more efficient and less stressful solutions on the roof. OMG ReadySump was engineered specifically to address these issues.