Height safety specialist Guardian® has released new brand and category videos to further evidence and embed its commitment to simplifying safety at height. Developed following extensive user research, the positioning is built around the core truth that Guardian’s 360º height safety offer makes it simpler for users to keep their wearers safe at height.

The brand video uses the sounds of safety to dramatize the experience of working at height. The sounds of snap hooks connecting, cables deploying, and feet climbing a ladder are layered together to create an increasingly noisy backdrop, while the camera pans between at-height working environments from construction site to warehouse to wind turbine. A voiceover articulates the Guardian belief that when the stakes are at their highest, we think safe should be simple.

The animated category video has been designed to demonstrate the 360º nature of Guardian’s expanded offer, following the consolidation of the Stronghold, Ty-Flot, and Checkmate brands under the Guardian banner in the summer of 2021. The voiceover opens by setting up the brand belief that simple is one sole focus, one trusted partner, and complete protection from every angle. The visual simplicity of the animation counterpoints with the depth of expertise and experience that underpins Guardian’s deep and focused height safety offer.