Roof Measurement

Metal-Era® and Hickman Edge Systems announce the release of the latest in roofing technology, The Falcon Roof Measurement Tool, which revolutionizes the accurate measurement of the roof edge. The Falcon is designed to expedite the entire process of measuring the perimeter, quoting, delivery, and installation.

The Falcon features a hybrid clamping device that measures all parapet surfaces to within thousandths of an inch and tenths of a degree, providing the most accurate measurement available in an area where roof conditions require accuracy for fabrication. Radius, miters, transitions, end walls, and other unique and difficult details become simple to measure, and a road map of the roof is rendered in real-time to the app. The output reads much like a shopdrawing with bill of materials. The drawing can be color-coded and labeled to match product shipment, drastically reducing installation time and error. Photos and images of details can be captured and output for quoting and fabrication.

The Metal-Era and Hickman team are driven by their purpose to protect the community at the places they go most, working with architects, consultants, contractors, and distributors to ensure securement of the building’s edge.