Safety Straps

Green Link has changed the composition of its straps and caps from urethane to injection molded glass-reinforced nylon, still retaining the striking safety yellow color. Straps are designed for heavy pipes, while a cap design was developed for lite pipe supports.

The Heavy Pipe KnuckleHead strap secures a 2½” nominal pipe. The Lite Pipe Support cap is designed to secure a single 1” nominal pipe or two ½” nominal pipes. Pipe supports straps and caps are attached with standard stainless-steel screws, which are supplied with the heads.

GREEN LINK is an innovative engineering company that develops and produces polymeric architectural products for the construction industry. Founded in 2016, GREEN LINK Engineering was established to discover innovative solutions to higher performance, more sustainable construction. The company is rooted in nearly 50 years of experience pioneering a range of successful products, several of which have become standards in the construction industry.