Oil-Free Nailers

SENCO® has updated one of its most popular tool lines with proprietary NeverLube® technology, eliminating the need for daily oiling and the chance of oil splashing on a workpiece. Unlike most oil-free nailers, NeverLube isn’t packed with grease during manufacturing. It uses components made from graphite composite and self-lubricating seals to do away with the need for lubrication altogether. Apart from that, the nailers are practically the same as the ones users have relied on for years. The durability, ergonomics, safety features, and more remain unchanged.

SENCO makes hard work easier. Since the beginning, the company has pioneered innovative solutions to the practical challenges. In the process, SENCO has made jobsites all over the world safer and more efficient. Additionally, SENCO has made the lives of the men and women who work at them a little better.