Safety Website

Guardian® is thrilled to introduce its new, state-of-the-art, 360º Height Safety website. From the unique navigational tools to the robust, future-proof content management system, the new website is the culmination of extensive internal and external research across global markets, all with the express intention of being the industry’s most trusted source of information for products, planning, and implementation to make being safe as simple as possible for the worker at height.

Macro structural elements include worldwide regionalization of product, service, and customer support resources. The responsive mobile and tablet interface delivers the entire power of the website at the touch of a finger. Individual micro-sites cover Guardian’s 360º of Height Safety product offerings of fall protection, dropped object prevention, foreign material exclusion, and lifting, as well as custom design and installation solutions provided by Guardian’s Engineered Systems group.

A dedicated training page allows full calendar-view access and booking of both online and onsite height safety classes, while the richly populated media center offers catalogs, inspection forms, and other documentation and video assets. In addition to a full catalog of products and services, the new website features a suite of digital resource tools including a dynamic Harness Configurator, which allows the user to select desired options and instantly see the results. An interactive Fall Clearance Calculator gives accurate fall clearance requirements based on anchor location and connector type inputs.

Guardian is a global independent fall protection and prevention partner. With design, manufacturing, height safety training, and engineered system experts across North America and the United Kingdom, it serves partners around the globe with a 360º height safety offer.